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The translation project is designed to get you thinking critically about translation as a concept, in addition to preparing you to write with future translations in mind.

The first step will be to translate a text—Vargas and Lieball's "La Migracion en el Era de Trump"—from Spanish into English using whatever resources you can think of. (See Short Homework 3 in Google Classroom.)

As you translate, study your translation process. You can record yourself, like you did for Short Homework 2, but you don't have to. Make note of the tools and techniques you're using.

Once you have the translation, write a reflection on the translation process that describes what you did and proposes a "theory of translation." Your reflection should answer the following questions:

  • How would you now define translation? What does it mean to translate?

  • How is writing an act of translation?

  • Based on your experience, what are some important things to consider if you were writing something you knew would be translated for another audience?

Your reflection should use specific moments in your translation text or process to illustrate your theory of translation.

Submission guidelines

  • Word document, uploaded to Google Classroom

  • 1000-1500 words

  • You aren't required to use sources, but if you do, reference them using any citation style you wish.

  • Use the formatting that best helps support readers' comprehension of your text.

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