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Community Partner Project

In the Community Partner Project, you will work as part of a team (see the assignment portal on Google Classroom for details) to create a multimodal project for a non-profit organization dedicated to migrant rights. These projects will be used by the organization you create them for as part of their missions to serve migrants and their families.

The specific parameters for each project have been set by the organization you are partnered with. I have tried to outline the projects as they have been communicated to me as best I can; however, it's important to know that I am neither an expert on nor in charge of any of these projects. If you need clarification, it's important that you relay your questions to me or to a contact within the organization as soon as possible. I cannot guarantee satisfactory or timely responses.

In addition to using the instructions below, it will be important for you to rely on the observations you and your teammates made in your rhetorical analysis projects to keep the audiences, conventions, and goals of the organization in mind as you compose.


Informational Brochures, CAMINOS, A.C.

You've been given an informational brochure used in the past by CAMINOS, A.C. (see Google Classroom). Your first task will be to conduct a thorough translation of this material so that you know what information it contains. Next, you will redesign three versions of the brochure. The brochure should have the same purpose and audience as the model you're working from, but it shouldn't be a direct rehash of the same content. You can and should improve on the written content and the visual design of the brochure. Use other materials you can find from CAMINOS website, publications, and social media to help you fashion written content.

Important considerations:

  • Each brochure should be significantly different in design and should even include some variation in the written content. The reason for producing three versions is so that CAMINOS can choose which design they prefer or can use them for slightly different purposes/audiences.

  • You must be able to print brochures on a single sheet of letter paper with a no-frills printer. CAMINOS does not have the resources to print with more expensive materials.

  • You should also format a digital (PDF or HTML) version of the brochure so that CAMINOS can post this on their website or through social media. The digital version should be readable on a screen (including by machine readers) and should be navigable in an order that makes sense.

  • You should attach an MS Word file that contains all the text content for all three brochures with your finished product. You need to do this so that the brochures can be easily translated.

Fundraising Materials, The Neighbor Fund

The Neighbor Fund needs materials for two important fundraising drives they are working on right now.


  1. DACA: The Neighbor Fund is receiving a flood of DACA renewal requests, and they have decided to move forward with those as a special-funding group. The renewals are $495, and the pace is picking up because DACA recipients are being advised that renewals may not be possible if the Supreme Court repeals the program sometime this spring. The Neighbor Fund would be well-positioned to fund area anticipated all area DACA renewals if we can raise $10,000. The people who would benefit from these funds attend school or reside in Windham/Tolland and are mostly students. The materials needed for this fundraising drive might include digital posters that can be shared through social media, print posters/flyers that can be distributed at events, posts that can be shared over multiple social media channels. You will need to do your own strategizing to determine what genres will be the most effective and what platforms you should use to circulate them.

  2. Project Represent: Project Represent is a brand new initiative formed from the partnership of Quiet Corner Refugee Resettlement (affiliated with Storrs Congregational Church) and The Neighbor Fund that aims to raise funds for asylum seekers in the area. Materials needed include shareable social media as well as a web portal that describes the initiative and allows visitors to donate.


You will submit and revise several drafts of this project. See Google Classroom for details.

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