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The purpose of this rhetorical analysis project is to account for the rhetorical work that key genres perform in the context of an organizational system. The work you do here will help prepare you for the Community Partner Project, where you will create something for a nonprofit organization.

Using the Downs, Bickmore, and Kain & Wardle readings (see Google Classroom) as analytic tools, you will create a report that accomplishes the following specific tasks (although you may choose the organization and method of presentation for these objectives):

  • Describe the genre you have been assigned, including its features and its name.

  • Name the primary audience for the genre as well as any secondary audiences that might encounter.

  • Analyze the work that the genre accomplishes. Genres perform social actions in the world. Sometimes genres do things that aren't what you might immediately assume from the name of the genre. Show how the genre's features/conventions are related to its purpose.

  • Map the genre system that the genre exists within. Genres often borrow from or interact with other genres, and they usually circulate within the context of an organization's other genres.

  • Analyze the purpose of the organization the genre comes from using all of the organization's texts as evidence. What change is the organization trying to effect? Who is it trying to influence primarily through its genres?

The finished report should be 1200-1500 words, if typed. The number of words may vary if you create visualizations or multimedia to accomplish some of the above tasks.

You should cite the readings you use to complete this assignment. You do not need to use all three of the readings, but you will probably need to use at least two of them. You may use any citation style you wish, but the way you cite should be consistent and easy for readers to track down the sources you are using. See materials posted to Google Classroom for guidance.

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