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The CSD collaborates with students, faculty, family members and the greater UConn community to ensure a comprehensively accessible environment. Get in touch with them early in the semester if you are seeking accommodations.

Community Standards oversees the UConn Student Code and has information about academic integrity on their website.

If you are experiencing difficulties that are affecting your participation in this or any of your courses, you can contact the Dean of Students. They can also help link you up to other resources.

This is the office that runs the writing program that English 1010 is part of. Contact First-Year Writing for issues regarding the course that your instructor cannot resolve.

The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) ensures the University’s commitment and responsibility to foster equitable and inclusive working and learning environments. Alongside the Center for Students with Disabilities, OIE helps promote access at UConn by overseeing University compliance with ADA regulations as well as connecting people to appropriate resources for disability‐related issues.

The Student Care Team is a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly to evaluate behaviors by University students that are perceived to be threatening, harming or disruptive to the student, to others or to both and coordinate an appropriate response. The Student Care Team does NOT respond directly to emergencies. Call 911 if you need emergency services.

If you are sick or injured and seek medical care, you do not need to provide a doctor’s note.

The mission of SHaW Mental Health is to provide the highest quality clinical services to promote the emotional, relational, and academic potential of all students. You can learn more and get in touch with someone through their website.

If you are experiencing gender-based violence or discrimination, you may contact the Title IX office website.

Writing center tutors can help you with writing at any stage in the process. Appointments can be made online through their website—around midterms and finals, remember to book appointments in advance! Tutors can help with all kinds of writing (including multimedia projects) in all disciplines.

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